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We need szechuan sauce!

McDonald's Responds To Rick And Morty Dipping Sauce Delirium.

東京喰種 石田スイ イラストの画像 プリ画像

東京喰種 石田スイ イラストの画像 プリ画像

Tokyo Ghoul:Re

Sasaki Haise and Urie, hehe. I've been thinking, Sasaki really is like a father to his group and Arima and Akira is like the groups grandparents.


Watch this anime, its called Tokyo Ghoul and its awesome.>> I prefer the manga. The anime is awesome, but the manga is epic


I am Doctor Euphemia. I worked with Doctor W. Gaster, before the. I was his coworker; we were both Royal Scientists. I am a monster, a ghoul, specifically. I am 34 years of age.