Einfach und wirkungsvoll = TOLL! Würmer aus Götterspeise

Selber machen: Würmer für zu Hause

Jello Worms - Tie a bunch of straws together. pur gelatin into straws. let it sit over night in the fridge. take the straws and let gelatin slide out AND THERE YOU GO! You have jello worms! How to Eat Fried Worms. (Maybe jello shot worms.

Figuren Garten Rasenfläche-dekorieren flusssteine-ausmalen

Rock concert, right in your back yard! I couldn't decide if I should put this under "yard" or "kids stuff" because this would be a fun craft to do with them ;

Plastikflaschen Upcycling. Oder: Wir basteln uns ein Glühwürmchen

Plastikflaschen Upcycling. Oder: Wir basteln uns ein Glühwürmchen

Basteln mit Papier 14

Basteln mit Papier – kunterbunte Ideen

Origami falten - Blume, Sterne und Tiere als Deko im Kinderzimmer | Minimalisti.com

so I have a thing for rainbows / Origami Mobile: Made with 228 pieces of paper, fishing line, crimp beads, a glass bead for weight and a lot of time.

Coole Lampen aus Wasserleitungen selber machen

Scrap Metal Art - Ordinary plumbing parts—pipes, fittings, and faucets—come together to make robot table lamps full of personality and charm. Turn one on and you suddenly don’t feel so alone in the room. Haha Yosef would love this ;


Think Outside The Toy Box ... Glow Sticks Ideas For Kids

Awesome Easter Egg Bug craft to do with the kids! Great for a nighttime Easter Egg Hunt! You can also use a small glow stick for the light inside. Fire Flies that light up DIY Fireflies

Höhle bauen

Höhle bauen

5 Steps To Building Your Own Epic Blanket Fort or what to do with the 5 boxes of blankets in the basement.

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