Fotowand selber machen: Ideen für eine kreative Wandgestaltung

We're always looking for cheap and easy DIY wall decor ideas. A DIY gallery wall is the perfect way to display your favorite family photos!


Hike the many paths of nature- you will find peace and happiness in the stillness

summer long ago

fishing on the lake. That' looks like a great summer nights spent on the lake fishin with friends & family❤️❤️

Lynn Collins

those long plane rides. Sitting in the sunshine, watching the beauty of the clouds outside the window, with the hum of the plane with the anticipation of your final destination.

aaah, summer...

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Reading is my first love. Its a Simple pleasure.Taking time to relax, reading under a tree and enjoying the beautiful weather.

summer fun

Lake Powell Houseboat - it doesn't get any better than this! We did this, and it was great!

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