TONS of great DIY gift ideas (my fave are the hot chocolate pops!)

You’ve heard of cake pops, cookie pops, brownie pops, doughnut pops and even pie pops— but have you ever tried a Hot Chocolate Pop? Creamy chocolate surrounding a marshmallow surprise …

DIY: Sewing Kit  I don’t remember where I saw this adorable idea, but it is so cute and so easy to do! Christmas is coming up and this could be a perfect gift for a friend or family member. All you will need is a jar, and then any kind of tools and materials you want to put in it. Have fun!

This weeks Crafty Creations is an awesome sewing kit. This sewing kit would make a great gift for someone that loves to sew. It is made from a jar and the top is a pincushion made from burlap. The sewing supplies all,,,

Such Cute ideas! 25 gifts for under $5. I want to try most of these!!!

25 Handmade Gifts Under $5

16 Gift In A Jar Recipes including Quick bread in a bottle: Cool weather puts us in the mood to bake. So why not give a friend a head start? Layer the dry ingredients for this easy quick bread into a milk bottle or mason jar.

33 DIY Gifts You Can Make In Less Than An Hour - BuzzFeed

33 DIY Gifts You Can Make In Less Than An Hour

Adult Hot Cocoa Kit - fill mason jar with hot cocoa mix, mini-marshmallows and attach a small bottle of Bailey's. Include directions for cooking up some adult hot cocoa.