How to Make Your Jeans Fit Like a Glove! Sewing Trick Everyone Needs!

How to Take in the Waist on a Pair of Blue Jeans

Not sure how this would look in the back. Maybe try it on an old pair of jeans to see. Pants don't fit right in the waist? This super simple trick actually helps finally get you the perfect fit.

Löcher in der Jeans von kleinen Jungs sind immer ärgerlich, vor allem wenn es die neue Lieblingsjeans ist. Aber es gibt da ganz einfache Dinge die man tun kann um die Hose zu retten. Die komplette Anleitung könnt ihr auch … mehr


25 Denim Bags and Purses Made From Recycled Jeans |

25 Denim Bags & Purses Made From Recycled Jeans

Denim vacation tote: To make tote, use 4 pairs of old jeans in varying colors of denim. Cut 6 inch wide strips from legs of jeans. (The 8 legs yielded enough strips of denim to make 2 totes). Sew strips together, cut out tote bag pattern, & sew bag toget

lace inset jeans - neat way to repair a hole

33 Clever Ways To Refashion Clothes (With Tutorials)

Have a rip or tear in your jeans? Patch it up with lace! Or, to get this look, use scissors to create a horizontal rip. There’s very little sewing required, and instead of using a sewing machine, you could even create a sewing pattern by hand

Bolsa de los pantalones vaqueros

Lee denim turned into DIY bag based on Krane design. Still searching for a cosplay convention bag design.

Iron Craft Challenge #14 - Armrest Project Bag , Denim Craft, recycled jeans, upcycled jeans , storage, decor, diy, craft project, cool crafts for teens

Try making an Upcycled Denim Armrest Bag from an old pair of jeans. This DIY bag from jeans project is the perfect way to organize a room without spending any money. Cute sewing projects like this are green.

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Nice colour combination, I've done his with other skirt tops but this one is…

Well-Mended Wardrobe - great tips on mending clothes in cute ways

Well-Mended Wardrobe - great tips on mending clothes in cute ways. Love this jeans patch idea . it'll save those expensive ripped jeans my girls wear that end up with holes that are too big or too inappropriately placed to wear to school anymore ;