Seeing this quite often: coral and teal

lightest aqua in Master bedroom, with the darker teal as the bedding and accent color. The coral in the master bath with the lightest aqua as the accent color?


Pantone ink matches for letterpress printing. Colors will vary in saturation depending on paper stock selected.

GOLD is making a comeback! Using gold accent. I really like the way gold is incorporated into each of these color combinations. gives each a totally different feel!


コピペ自由!美しいグラデーションを180種類揃えた WebGradients


Lead Hvass & Hannibal: Copenhagen Central Library children’s library identity Graphic Design: Hvass and Hannibal make Copenhagen's lib.

zucchi & partners: ravenna harbour apartment building

situated adjacent to the water, the design keeps in mind the future trajectory of the site by creating a double-faced complex that could open towards the harbour.