Meccano Style Loft - Not a bad idea at all if one has the ceiling space and tailors the look to one's needs. I would definitely use a different construction material, but I love the concept.

Look: A Meccano Style Loft

Meccano Style Loft - idea for the maid room or storage room.


Miya Ando

Official website for artist Miya Ando. Ando is an American artist whose metal canvases and sculpture articulate themes of perception and ones relationship to time.


Photographer Benedict Redgrove has been granted unprecedented access to document past and present NASA technology, a sneak peek of which can

Fancy - Swissarmius Cutlery Holder by Yegor Zhgun

Check out this Swissarmius Utensils Organizer that is made to hold and organize your utensils or anything else you want to organize. It looks like a giant Swiss

Album, Searching, Search, Card Book

You Can’t Stop Steel by Sebastian Wanke

Frame By Frame Friends by David Iraheta Mixing... - Visualgraphc

Frame By Frame Friends by David Iraheta Mixing Illustrator and Photoshop is very interesting, Photoshop is evil, but we are starting to getting along

trendartist: “‘Still Life x by Anny Wang and Tim Söderström ”