Joke's on you! <--- I haven't felt since I've been born hahaaha! Your insults are about as useful as you.

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When I make eye contact with a friend across the room. {GIF}

Lol, that's me: post When I make eye contact with a friend across the room: *Benedict Cumberbatch*

greatest dilemmas

Greatest dilemma in human history. Choose wisely

Greatest dilemma in human history. Choose wisely<< honestly all of these were no-brained for me :)))

This cracks me up and I'm thinking I will wear comfy clothes 24/7 now. Lol

This cracks me up, I'll be ready! unless I die on a lazy weekend, then in doomed to look like a semi-homeless chick!

This was the worst.

My reaction exactly! I really was gaping and pointing at the tv in mute horror. TWD psyco Lizzy kills her sister so that she will have a zombie friend.

Ponies are for pussies.

Ponies are for Pussies. what a badass kid. Ity" laci: d ABE TY? Pussies Ponies are for Pussies what a badass kid Ity" laci: d ABE TY?

Do I tho?

21 Pictures About Work Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Der beste PEZ-Spender ever! (aus der BP:

ALIEN: in space nobody can hear you eat Pez. The coolest Pez dispenser. I want it!

Zeit die Flaschen wegzubringen :P #Politik #Wortspiel #nurSpaß #Sprüche #GutenMorgen #Jodel #Statussprüche

Zeit die Flaschen wegzubringen :P #Politik #Wortspiel #nurSpaß #Sprüche #GutenMorgen #Jodel #Statussprüche