Modular Furniture

Moudla Furniture allows the furniture to grow with you in your every need of storage or seating solutions.
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an office with yellow walls and pictures on the wall, including a computer desk and chair
Create working environments that provide space for creativity and innovation. The timelessly elegant design of the Bosse modul space, with its matt powdered parts, fades elegantly and discreetly into the background and, with its timeless, minimalist design, also satisfies the highest aesthetic demands.
an orange chair sitting in front of a book shelf
1 idea - 1,000 possibilities, thanks to the opulent range of application and design options, you become the designer of your exclusive original. The modular system of the Bosse modul space impresses with its almost unlimited modularity and is a true all-rounder, which can be adapted exactly to the requirements of your environment. #interiordesign #bossedesign #modulspace
a kitchen with white cabinets and lights hanging from the ceiling
Thanks to the modular system of Bosse modul space, the versatile modules can be used to create kitchens that meet the highest aesthetic demands, as well as offering clever detail solutions and extensive storage space options that blend seamlessly into the interior design. Here, for once, applies: Function follows form.
a room that has some black and white closets in it with clothes hanging on the shelves
In one's own home, clever furnishing solutions are required that not only meet the requirements for storage space, but also satisfy aesthetic demands. Our system furniture offers just that, optimal organization and appealing presentation. Through the opulent range of design options you design your exclusive original, which perfectly rounds off your room and the ambience. #bosse #modulspace #bossedesign #kleiderschrank #closet
an open room with several different colored furniture
Dauphin Solutions offers innovative solutions for the specific requirements of each workplace. Open-plan offices can be optimally designed visually, acoustically and functionally with the Bosse modul space and the Bench- solutions with integrated acoustic screens promote the flow of information within a unit and at the same time provide each employee with space for an effective workflow. #officeinterior #bosse #bossedesign #modulspace #interiordesign
a book shelf filled with books and a statue
A consistently designed office brings order to everyday management and thus creates plenty of space for visionary thinking and groundbreaking decisions.
a book shelf with many books on it in an empty room next to a window
Expand, divide up, combine in new ways – Bosse modul space can easily be adapted to new requirements thanks to the connector system.
an empty office with black and white decor on the walls, carpeted flooring and open shelving
With Bosse modul space you bring elegance to your reception area.
an empty office with white walls and black counter tops, lights hanging from the ceiling
With the Bosse modul space furniture systems, furnishing ideas for every room come true
a glass display case with a tree in the middle and two shelves below it that are both empty
Bosse modul space
an open closet with clothes and other items on shelves in the corner, along with a clock
Bosse modul space
a green bookcase with books on it in front of two chairs and a table
We stand for individualized solutions. Innovative, exclusive, aesthetically pleasing.
a man sitting at a table in an open room with brick walls and arched doorways
All of our Bosse Human Space room in room solutions are build with sustainable Hydro Reduxa profiles. This means that the aluminum was produced with very low CO2 emission and was ASI-certified along the entire process. Hydro is an active member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). We at Bosse believe that we live in a time where it should be self-evident to act responsible with the use of our natural ressources. This is why Bosse only creates high quality furniture, with a high usag
an open glass door in a white room
Ventilation System
For the perfect working climate, our Human Space Cubes include a low-noise and energy-efficient ventilation system that is independent of the building. The air gets supplied and extracted through a central ventilation unit in the ceiling. Infinitely adjustable ventilation system from 0-660 m3/h, if necessary up to 1100 m3/h. #Bosse #Human Space #Cubes #climate #ventilationsystem #freshair #officelife #officestructure
there is a book shelf with many books on it in front of a purple and white wall
Modul Space by Bosse
you can experience the wide range of combinations and advantages of modul space on the basis of example solutions.