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Office cubes offer an in-room solution to create an undisturbed workspace without having to change the architectural structure of the building. Each cube offers…
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an office cubicle with two chairs and a table
Durch ein Raum-in-Raum System lassen sich aus offenen Büroflächen, individuelle Rückzugsorte gestalten, ohne dabei das Geschehen zu verlassen und zu verpassen. Der Bosse Cube lässt sich spielend leicht in das Raumkonzept Moderner Bürowelten integrieren, sodass sich überall Räume zum fokussierten Arbeiten kreieren lassen.
an office with glass walls and desks
Focus together and stay flexible with the Bosse human space cube. Perfect as a meeting room, for collaborative work as well as an individual office and a retreat for concentrated work, the functional room-in-room solution offers the perfect environment for every occasion. With the Bosse human space cube, you get an elegant environment for creative work and undisturbed thinking. #bossecube #spacecube #rauminraum #bosse #interiordesign
two people sitting in chairs inside an office with glass walls and television on the wall
Today's working world is on the move and opening up to new places and ways of working. Space for meeting has become an important aspect of modern office spaces. People who work in the office want to meet people and to exchange ideas. Bosse Cubes offer a multifaceted landscape for getting together - whether agile, spontaneous or confidential, but guaranteed in an atmospheric, homely ambience. #bossedesign #bossecube #interiordesign #newwork #rauminraum
an office with blue and green chairs in the middle, white columns on either side
Meeting places must be designed effectively and efficiently, but at the same time offer space for creativity and undisturbed thinking. Bosse's variable solutions create just such places, with a pleasant and inspiring ambience. As a room-in-room solution, the Bosse Cube is the answer to the requirements of future-oriented meeting venues, individually adapted to your wishes. #bosse #bossecube #interiordesign #interiors #yellow
a yellow plastic giraffe standing in front of an open door on the floor
Never before has the office been so compact as with the Bosselino. The perfect solution for open office landscapes, because with the Bosselino you get a flexible retreat in a small space. The young design and the high-quality wooden elements turn your mini office into a real place of well-being. Clever features in the Bosselino allow you to work undisturbed and make video calls at eye level. #bosselino #smalloffice #büroeinrichtung #newwork
a woman sitting at a table in an office with glass walls and black framed doors
Sometimes you just need some peace and concentration for a conversation. The new Bosse dialogue cube 2.0 offers comfortable space for two people. It can be designed according to taste: Sometimes practical, sometimes cosy, it is an ideal place for short meetings or even a small office. The two fixed interior walls are made of acoustically effective fabric panels and regulate the reverberation in the room. #humanspace #bosse #interiordesign #rauminraum #büroeinrichtung #newwork
two black speakers sitting on top of a table
A room for creativity "made in germany"
two people are sitting in an office with glass walls on the floor and one person is standing
We are happy about the Comfurnacy seal „Future office champion“ from leap in time for our dialogue cube 2.0.
an advertisement for modul space on the wall above a dresser with cups and bowls
Modul Space Black Edition by Bosse
The high-quality modul space furniture range combines timeless Bauhaus design with a simple building block principle. It offers intel- ligent office solutions and integrated room concepts for today and tomorrow. Tailored to your needs, variable and modular to cater for changes, built to last for a long time.
a white chair sitting in front of a window next to a yellow and black dresser
Be inspired by the radiance and effect of these historic colours.
With the Architectural Polychromy system, Le Corbusier invented a color system in which shades – derived from nature. The visionary thinker’s guiding principles on the effect of colour are of importance to the present day: colour modifies space, classifies objects. It has a physiological effect on us and influences our sensibilities. Be inspired by the radiance and effect of these historic colours. Create your own personal piece of furniture art with Bosse Modul Space.
an office cubicle with orange partitions in the middle
Modul Space lack Edition - Wardrobe - Bosse
Our 2 in 1 - Office cupboard with a wardrobe or a corner to relax with a specialist library or... The possible ways of using and combining the clever elements of the Modul Space system are endless. Available in many modern colours, the fabric panels absorb noise and optimize the room acoustics. #Bosse #ModulSpace #musthave #designer #stylish #modular-system #wardobe #office
a table with a vase on it in front of a bookcase and mirror doors
Office Cube
an empty room with white cabinets and black accents on the wall, in front of a large sign that reads modulispace
Modul Space Black Edition by Bosse
Interior Design, modern living, beautiful interior
an image of a modern space with stairs and colorful cabinets in the background, including a spiral staircase
Modul Space by Le Corbusier and Bosse
The clarity and timeless modernity so superbly crafted by Le Corbusier are also reflected in the design concept of our Bosse modul space tubular furniture system. For more than 50 years we have been combining form and function – with perfection and very much inspired by the theories of Le Corbusier.