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Interior Design is a large factor in office designing. Creating the space suiting your individual and functional needs.
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two people sitting at desks in an office with yellow and gray accents, one on the
Unser Schreibtisch ist mehr als nur ein Möbelstück, denn unsere Arbeitsumgebung soll unsere Kreativität fördern, unser Wohlbefinden stärken und Raum für innovative Ideen bieten. Der Bosse M3-Desk bietet hierfür die nötige Standfestigkeit und Flexibilität, denn er passt sich an Deine individuellen Bedürfnisse an. Dank der elektromotorischen Höhenverstellbarkeit, fördert der M3-Desk proaktiv eine gesunde Arbeitshaltung.
a living room filled with furniture and plants
Manchmal muss man sich einfach zurückziehen können, um in Ruhe Gespräche zu führen, zu arbeiten oder einfach die Gedanken schweifen zu lassen. Mit Bosse Modul Space Mobile muss hierfür kein zusätzlicher Raum genutzt werden, denn mit den mobilen Trennwänden auf Rollen lassen sich gemütliche relax Zonen einrichten. #bosse #modulspace #mobile #raumtrenner
an office with two desks and chairs in the same room, one is empty
Unsere Arbeitsumgebung soll unsere Kreativität fördern, unser Wohlbefinden stärken und Raum für innovative Ideen bieten. Der Bosse T1-Desk bietet hierfür die nötige Standfestigkeit und Flexibilität, denn er passt sich an Deinen individuellen Bedürfnisse an. Unterstrichen wird das Raumkonzept durch den Züco Selvio, welcher dank höchstem Sitzkomfort und seinem zeitlosem Design, ein angenehmes Ambiente schafft, indem die Ideen von morgen kreiert werden. #bosse #bossedesign #office
a modern bookcase with yellow drawers in the middle and white walls behind it, next to a coffee table
Classic, superior, timeless - thanks to its absolute convertibility, the Bosse modul space offers the perfect space solution for every workplace. As a sideboard, S-desk and pedestal, Bosse modul space is a veritable classic and a real storage miracle. Matt powder-coated, in elegant black, the furniture pieces radiate durability and value even in modern office complexes. The opulent range of design options allows you to create individual design classics that perfectly round off any room concept.
two different rooms with blue walls and white furniture in the same room, one is empty
Whether strategically creative or analytically rational - leadership is a matter of character. With its timeless modern design language, Bosse creates rooms for personalities. The Bosse M2 desk, as the heart of the room concept, creates a sophisticated atmosphere with its elegant design. The large-dimensioned table tops offer sufficient space for innovative visions and groundbreaking decisions.
a table with two chairs and a bottle on it in front of a white wall
Timeless design, combined with modern technology, these are the basics for the Bosse T1-Desk, which offers an ergonomically thought-out workplace, adapted to your individual needs. High-quality woods are used, which create a warm, friendly room climate. The height adjustability of the Bosse T1-Desk creates new perspectives that invite innovative and creative ideas. Thanks to the solid construction, absolute stability is ensured even at a maximum working height.
an office cubicle with chairs and desks in the center, including a bookcase
Even though our everyday working life has changed due to digitalisation, learning with and from each other is still an essential part of it. Communication areas have become an indispensable part of the modern office landscape and are therefore an essential element of innovative room concepts. Whether it's a short creative meeting or an extensive workshop, Bosse's modul Space provides variable solutions that adapt perfectly to the needs of your workspace. #bosse #modulspace #officeinterior
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Today's working world is in a state of upheaval: digitalisation and globalisation demand increasing flexibility from companies and their employees. These changes also mean new challenges for the spaces in which we work.The combination of the new generation of Bosse human space and Bosse modul space meets these requirements. Not only can it meet the challenges, it also satisfies the highest aesthetic demands with its timeless design. #modulspace #humanspace #newwork #interiordesign
a book shelf with many books on it in an empty room next to a window
Expand, divide up, combine in new ways – Bosse modul space can easily be adapted to new requirements thanks to the connector system.
an empty office with black and white decor on the walls, carpeted flooring and open shelving
With Bosse modul space you bring elegance to your reception area.
an empty office with white walls and black counter tops, lights hanging from the ceiling
With the Bosse modul space furniture systems, furnishing ideas for every room come true
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We are happy about the Comfurnacy seal „Future office champion“ from leap in time for our dialogue cube 2.0.
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Modul Space Black Edition by Bosse
The high-quality modul space furniture range combines timeless Bauhaus design with a simple building block principle. It offers intel- ligent office solutions and integrated room concepts for today and tomorrow. Tailored to your needs, variable and modular to cater for changes, built to last for a long time.
two people sitting at a table in an office with the words human space above them
Human Space Cube by Bosse
Bosse operates successfully worldwide. In a variety of different companies, sectors and architectures. Elegant, functional and per- fectlytailoredtosuiteverysinglerequirement. You can find lots of other references online at
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Bosse details
Bosse delivers high-quality features down to the last detail • visible and closed ceiling structure • sound level difference according to DIN EN ISO16283-1: DnT > 38 dB, Rw > 39dB • no visible door hinges • silent door closing thanks to magnetic technology • cutting-edge LED lighting, adapted to work situations and almost invisible from the outside #Bosse #HumanSpace #CubeDesign #Officecubes #communicate #officecommunication #soundproof #ventilated #smartdesign