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a living room with white walls and red, blue, and black furniture in it
The modular elements and lounge furniture from Bossen create a unique ambience in the office as well as in your own home. Thanks to the opulent range of technically and visually sophisticated special modules, Bosse is the solution for every spatial requirement. This creates unique places of well-being where you can relax and unwind. #bosse #bossedesign #officekitchen #officeinterior
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
When entering the room, the first seconds decide whether a customer feels comfortable and welcome. Bosse modul space in the reception area is perfectly rounded off in combination with the iconic Züco Perillo from @zueco_official. The timeless and minimalist design of the Bosse modul space furniture allows it to be optimally combined with other furniture and is the perfect addition to any room. #bossedesign #modulspace #interiordesign #zuecoperillo
a book shelf with many books on it in an empty room next to a window
Expand, divide up, combine in new ways – Bosse modul space can easily be adapted to new requirements thanks to the connector system.
an empty office with black and white decor on the walls, carpeted flooring and open shelving
With Bosse modul space you bring elegance to your reception area.
an empty office with white walls and black counter tops, lights hanging from the ceiling
With the Bosse modul space furniture systems, furnishing ideas for every room come true
an open closet with clothes and other items on shelves in the corner, along with a clock
Bosse modul space
two people are sitting in an office with glass walls on the floor and one person is standing
We are happy about the Comfurnacy seal „Future office champion“ from leap in time for our dialogue cube 2.0.
the ceiling light is on in an empty room with blue walls and white trimmings
ION-Cloud brings a healthy indoor climate into your Bosse cubes.
an office with two chairs and a coffee table in front of a mural on the wall
15 Design Tips to Steal From Tech Startup Offices
15 Design Tips to Steal From Tech Startup Offices | GQ
two people sitting on couches in a large room with wood ceilinging and white walls
Studio O+A
a man is sitting on a couch in an office with chairs, tables and a projector screen
NORTHMILL BANK | IMMI Design | office design project
The design intent was to create a modern office for Northmill Bank in Stockholm. Playful touch to the scandinavian style by playing with colors. Employees can feel creative and innovative every day when they come to work.
a living room filled with furniture and lots of shelves full of bottles on the wall
spencer-travel-offices-sydney-10 - Office Snapshots
Spencer Travel Office Photo Featuring Area Rug, Glass Walls, Lay-In / Troffer, mounted-cove-lighting, Pendant, Plywood, Reception / Waiting Area, Sofas / Modular Lounge, Storage, Wood, Wood Floor.
a living room filled with furniture and lots of mirrors on the wall next to each other
Workplace One Offices - Toronto - Office Snapshots
two men are standing in the living room with modern furniture and large glass windows on the wall
Comfy Offices That Serve As Vibrant Inspiration For Home
Comfy Offices That Serve As Vibrant Inspiration For Home
people are sitting at tables in an open area with couches, chairs and stools
How to Design an Energizing Cafeteria for your Office | Turnstone