Ways to color resin, pros and cons. The ones I love best: films, gels, glitter, powders, nail polish, acrylic paint, ink. Free video tutorial by Little Windows


Little Windows Brilliant Resin project center, tutorials and how-to's for making amazing resin jewelry and crafts

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variety snowflakes all from clothes pins Great project for kids to all different results from same starting materials

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Signing - Kids with aphasia and/or CP sometimes can learn/demonstrate the spelling of words through signing the letters physically rather than spelling aloud.

how to make resin and ink pendants

Resin and alcohol inks

How to use resin and alcohol inks. Learn how to create unique and artistic pendants using layers of resin and drops of alcohol inks.

Cheveux raides

This wedged bob is chopped full of graduating layers to the back of the head, which creates this beautiful curved effect you see at the back of the hair. The hair has been parted to the side, and finished with a lovely long fringe section.