Confetti Balloons: Colorful confetti-filled balloons at the party venue, Confetti Studio. Source: Kiki's List or glitter.LOTS of glitter.

Free printables für Euch von "The Sweetest Occasion"

Friendsgiving with Baileys: Party Printables

Free printables - from The Sweetest Occasion (technically for Thanksgiving but gorgeous and general enough for all year):

So schlicht und chic

Sweet place setting with kraft tag, chalk pen, striped napkin and a little sprig of some greenery

Minikuchen anstatt Cupcakes.

Topper to cut and minis to serve. this idea is mindblowing :-) What about vintage decorated mini-cakes instead of cupcakes? As long as there's enough for everyone. Put cupcakes on table around cake & mini-cakes? Yep loving that idea!

Lichterkette ganz selbstgemacht

DIY string light decor: materials" paper, (possibly scissorts), stringed lights steps: fold paper, put on lights

Hohe Centrepieces für die Tafel

twig centerpieces

Branches to appease Aaron? Flowers and branches centerpieces. We could get the branches ourselves! Add some crystals and candles and voila!

Weiße Rosen klingen kitschig, können aber minimalistisch eingesetzt das Tüpfelchen auf dem i sein

All-White Modern Hollywood Wedding

Tolle Anleitung für eine bunte und ungewöhnliche Papiergirlande

guirlande papier DIY from lou & co. I am going to use a circle punch and use my kids art to make the discs.

Ganz in weiß ...

Crisp and Clean White Wedding

all white wedding reception // white tent + white linens + wood chairs Love but if the center pieces were more colorful