7th Grade Science

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Tin Can Flower Garden

A Colorful and Fun Tin Can Flower Garden Makes the Perfect Backyard Fence Decor | Make a garden on your fence...or use these tin can flowers as centerpieces!

Distance Learning Assignment Slides to Use With Google Slides

**PLEASE NOTE: THESE SLIDES ARE ALSO INCLUDED IN MY ORIGINAL ASSIGNMENT SLIDES RESOURCE. IF YOU ALREADY OWN THAT RESOURCE, BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE, TO AVOID A DOUBLE PURCHASE.**These At-Home Assignment Slides were designed to help teachers organize, plan, and share lessons and activities for ...

Top Science Websites for Interactive Learning

If you're looking for something fun to do while teaching science, here's our top ten list of interactive websites for scientific learning Getting Nerdy Science

Google Classroom Tips for Elementary Teachers

As we enter into this time of school closures, students are now at home and parents are an integral part of students' learning. Teachers are assigning work with Google Classroom and students are required to do school at home. How can teachers learn to use Google Classroom? This post is a list of tips, ideas, and resources to get started with Google Classroom. Distance learning is new for many teachers. While we have had technology in our classrooms, we have received immediate feedback from…

20 Free Tech Tools for Online Teachers

20 FREE ed tech tools for online teaching + remote learning: websites, apps, and extensions to use during distance learning due to the coronavirus

Secondary Science Virtual Labs

I'm a teacher, blogger, and curriculum writer. I've been teaching science for 12 years at both the middle and high school levels.

Plate Tectonics Science Packet

Explore the Earth's Core with this engaging Slide Show and Graphic Organizer to gain a deeper understanding of plate tectonics and the movement of the earth's plates as they converge, diverge and transform. 10 slides briefly covering the plate tectonics theory, earth's core, plates movements and mor...

Tips for Online Teaching

With advanced digital technologies, you can deliver excellent teaching services online. Distance learning is offered in higher education (e.g. Online Study Australia) as well as vocational ed and informal courses. Beyond online learning in universities and colleges, some freelance tutors offer online lessons (Career Lancer). As an online teacher, you will need to have specific strategies and disciplines to guide you in your practice. Here are tips for effective online unit teaching. 1. Be…


Science Doodle Notes Activites for Middle School and Homeschool

Browse over 420 educational resources created by The Morehouse Magic in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Plate Boundaries Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook

Check out the DIGITAL version of this activity HERE! Plate Boundaries- convergent, divergent, and transform practice that involves reading comprehension and application! Many students these days have a terribly difficult time comprehending nonfiction & informational text - textbooks, websites, a...

Cross Section Interpretation Exercise

Using the laws of original horizontality, superposition, and cross-cutting relationships interpret the order of the formation of features illustrated in this hypothetical cross section.

Plate Tectonics - Layers of Learning

We are in Unit 4-7 of Layers of Learning and today's science lesson was on plate tectonics. We do science once a week, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday . . .

Tectonic plate interaction boundaries

Divergent (Mid-Atlantic ridge, The Rift Valley), Convergent (The Andes, The Himalayas) and Transform (San Andreas fault, Dead Sea Transform). There are some sub-varieties but these are the main ones. Which makes natural sense, so there’s no remembering to do, when you have two contacting plates - they can either be pushing together, pulling apart or rubbing past each other. Incidentally, the idea that the giant continents move around all the time, enough to pull apart South America and…