Jannis Brinckmann

Jannis Brinckmann

Jannis Brinckmann
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Lionttv & DagiBee & BibisBeautyPalace & Julienco

Das waren noch Zeiten als bibi und Dagi noch bff waren

Lionttv & DagiBee & BibisBeautyPalace & Julienco

Lionttv & DagiBee & BibisBeautyPalace & Julienco

Sweet, sweet Cavalier babies

"There never yet has been a dog Who learned to double cross, Nor catered to you when you won Then dropped you when you lost.

Cavaliers being cavalier <3

One of the smallest breeds is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This breed of dog is a spaniel-type dog and it?s classified in the type of the toy dogs by most Kennel Clubs. In the United Kingdom this is the one of the most popular breed.

Tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - I have always loved how curly the ears are on spaniels! How can you resist that face, and those eyes? Love the coloring on this one.

Ready for a Sunny Weekend

We want Tyler running around the Glenferrie courtyard! *Ready for a Sunny Weekend Tyler's on summer vacation.

Homemade Guinea Pig Toys

Whether you've adopted one or several guinea pigs, they'll all enjoy playtime. Fill your guinea pigs' toy box with a combination of store-bought toys and ones you've made at home.

Guinea Pig Cage Ideas | Guinea pig cage ideas for bedding, toys, other

(Not into guinea pigs but holy cow, amazing!)Now, THIS is a guinea pig house from heaven! My girls would be on piggy 'Cribs' if we had this.and I will be begging my husband to let us have this!I found 'Cute Guinea Pig Cage' on Wish, check it out!