Idea para identificar cada copa: hacer estrellas de cartulina y poner el nombre, con rotulador - Idea to identify each glass: making stars of cardboard and put the name with pen

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To make your own DIY glitter-dipped cups, all you need is some disposable clear plastic cups, lots of gold craft glitter, super 77 spray adhesive and a pair of latex gloves.

Geschenke im ausgedienten Schraubglas

Geschenke im ausgedienten Schraubglas (Bottle Gift Wrapping)

We spotted a little handicraft idea for you. Feathers and rosegold paint - an individual decoration.

Meine grüne Wiese: Silvester

Love the star idea for a New Years Party (or even of July).Could use gold scrapbook paper for New Years and furnish a Sharpie for everyone to write his name on the star to identify his glass!

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