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Jupp Freunde, Splatoon ist ein post-apokalyptischer Shooter AUCH INTERESSANT: Filter by Post type Post Page Category Sort by Title Relevance Parkour mit dem Einrad 1 Fear The Walking Dead: Trailer und Bilder vom Set 1 Mr. Spock ist tot: Leonard Nimoy mit 83 Jahren gestorben 1 7 Tage unter Kindern 1 Everything Wrong With Superman [ ]

Nintendo Logic It’s true: Splatoon is a. - Nintendo LogicIt’s true: Splatoon is a post-apocalyptic shooter (and it’s the most adorable post-apocalyptic videogame ever).

splatoon switch

:> absurdres bike shorts blue hair brown shoes domino mask full body highres hood hoodie inkling long sleeves mask multicolored hair nintendo switch pointy ears puchiman redhead shoes simple background sitting smile solo splatoon tentacle hair two-to

Well played! A student rick-rolls his physics teacher. :)

Student Rick Rolls his teacher in a Quantum Physics paper. I am not worthy! They should create a special geek award just to give it to this guy!it's a Quantum Physics paper.then he Rick Rolls his teacher? I'm speechless!

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