this would be a cute christmas

idea for kids to do and make a card Cute christmas card idea Smile for me! love - cute family photo idea for next Christmas card christmas c.


A great way to compare photography with life. Don't worry too much about the negatives. Use them to develop and become more positive.

Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives. By Sean McCabe

Quote: Life is life photography. We develop from the negatives." Pinner: "Hand Lettering and Typography by Sean McCabe

Unique Sunset Photograph (source:

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In this pic I love the picture itself, the beach, the aviator sunglasses, the sunset, and the couple! Pretty awesome overall

i dream

Might be my favorite place in the world: lying out in the sun on a boat relaxed ride

This looks like heaven

I want a boat when I’m older. I want to sail around and have the deck set up like this so I can sleep under the stars. That would be amazing.


on the beach with red and white umbrella looking out over the crashing waves at an oncoming storm reflection

Love Montana and I love fly fishing

Montana fly-fishing at Paws Up gives you the opportunity to fish the Blackfoot River, Bitterrot River and Missouri River for Westslope cutthroat trout. Paws Up has Montana fly-fishing opportunities for both novice and skilled fishermen.

Chrysler Building, NYC, New York  1931 Photo by Margaret Bourke-White

Chrysler Building, NYC, New Photo by Margaret Bourke-White years later, we’re still goggling at this. inevitablefragments: Margaret Bourke-White - Chrysler Building, New York City silver gelatin photograph

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