Bloody Serpifeu

Bloody Serpifeu

Bloody Serpifeu
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Pokemon go

Pokemon Go fan art loading screen tips! Keep it quiet after dark. Let others sleep peacefully.

Pokémon, Touko, by namie-kun

baseball cap brown hair closed eyes dated denim denim shorts hat high ponytail long hair namie-kun oshawott pokemon pokemon (creature) pokemon (game) pokemon bw shirt shorts sighing signature sleeveless sleeveless shirt touko (pokemon) vest wading wa

Across by =Namie-kun on deviantART

bad id bad perspective blue eyes bridge brown eyes brown hair cloud day deerling dress hat hat removed headwear removed lady (pokemon) long hair marill multiple girls namie-kun npc npc trainer pokemon pokemon (creature) pokemon (game) pokemon bw

School triiiiiiiip! by on @deviantART

audino balloon bel (pokemon) black hair blonde hair blue eyes brown eyes brown hair cheren (pokemon) deerling duosion flower glasses hue (pokemon) joltik kyouhei (pokemon) lampent larvesta long hair mei (pokemon) multiple boys multiple girls n

Route 3 by =Namie-kun on deviantART // This is just beautiful.

Image d'anime avec pokemon pokemon black and white nintendo touko (pokemon) mei (pokemon) touya (pokemon) ditto audino namie-kun (artist) long hair short hair blue eyes open mouth brown hair smile twintails brown eyes girls sky cloud (clouds)

Touya/Black & Lotad

artist_name bag brown_eyes brown_hair crosswalk lotad male_focus namie-kun pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_bw rain touya_(pokemon) tree umbrella walking

[UNIFIED GERMAN SCREAMING] this is exactly what they looked like in the FIFA 2014 final>>>>> I don't know what your talking about all I see is these two being the best brothers in the world