Standing Woman by Ron Mueck

Standing Woman by Ron Mueck- amazing hyper realistic art by this Australia artist

Lancia TrendVisions

Poor Me - Nick van Woert Marble impregnated resin bust and polyurethane plastic

Renaissance Brushstrokes by Romina Ressia |

Renaissance Brushstrokes by Romina Ressia

Romina Ressia Argentina) - Renaissance brushstrokes The work of Argentina-based artist Romina Ressia has a pictorial style. A classical influence can be identified in most of her projects but.

‘Le Solitaire’ – A Fantastic Spaghetti Monster by Theo Mercier

Why are you so sad noodle man? Are you merely waiting, noodle man? Biding your time until chunky tomato meat sauce takes you home? Do you fear death, noodle man?