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:D I was going to animate the flames but after three frames I realized that it was too much work for my lazy arse. (No I don’t know what he’s doing, but popular opinion seems to be “guarding his.

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Yamamoto Takeshi's Smirk >:D

Yamamoto Takeshi's Smirk Re: what I keep expecting from Lance as a character (give me a Takeshi development arc Voltron)

badlydrawnnea: “at least I tried. ”

badlydrawnnea: “at least I tried.

Your fav Sinneamon

Your fav Sinneamon

While Allen and Link were having their 'You're accused of heresy' chat, Neah was still there. And unfortunately, when he was dragged away for paperwork, Allen didn't have the time to check if he ha.

d gray man allen walker

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー), Moyashi (Bean Sprout, Kiełek fasoli), The Destroyer of time, Baka Deshi (Idiot Apperentice)