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The NASA Cassini Spacecraft Crashed on Saturn after Two Decades

The Cassini spacecraft has been roaming around Saturn for 20 years now. IT has sent countable info from its orbit. It was in1997 when NASA launched the spacecraft and it entered in Saturn’s orbit i…

Teenager Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead in Hotel’s Freezer

The 19 years old Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins who was partying with her friends this weekend on the 9th floor of The Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel, gone missing on Saturday. After the fam…

Sinead O’Connor’s Distressed Facebook Video Reveals her Tragic Life

Remember Sinead O’Connor, the Irish singer? She is the one who got to the heights of fame with her iconic voice for the song “Nothing Compares 2 U’’ in 1990. Now in her 50’s Sinead O Connor is suff…

Sky Lights up after 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico

Mexico is hit by an earthquake of magnitude-8.1 in the early hours of Friday. People left the buildings and gathered on the streets after confronting severe tremors of the earthquake in Mexico. Abo…

Freddie Mercury - Vocals With Crowd - Live Aid - 13 July 1985

Freddie's sing along at 'Live Aid' 13 July 1985, on Wembley stadium. Fantastic control over the audience, he held the crowd in the palm of his hand. Brian Ma...

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Pregnant with Third Baby

On one hand, the Royal family of UK mourns Diana’s demise, Kate Middleton rejoices Royals with the news of her third baby. Yes, Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third baby. And the news is mak…

Burning Man 2017: Man Dies after Falling into a Burning Wooden Effigy

Burning man festival is on its way to end. Organized in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, we’ve just heard this tragic news of a ‘burner’ death after falling into a towering wooden effigy covered i…

The Burning Man 2017: What happens at Burning Man?

Who you are? Where are you from? The Burning Man does not ask such questions from its visitors. The burning man is a temporary metropolis, a city filled with art, culture and style. Each year, adve…

Journey of a Girl from an Anorexic Teen to a Fitness Trainer

Vera Schulz, 18, is a Russian teen who was an anorexic girl back in 2014. Looking at her previous images, no one can believe this girl would ever recover. But Vera made a remarkable recovery and be…

tomatina 2017 spain, festival

What You Should Know about La Tomatina Festival 2017?

Are you interested in watching the annual La Tomatina Festival 2017? It is being celebrated in the small Spanish town Bunol, located on the east coast of Spain.

Nuns with Guns Robbing Bank in Pennsylvania

Nuns with guns, the combo seems weird and deadly. It’s not some movie script, but a real-life incident. In the Tannersville town, two women, in the guise of nuns, entered the Citizens Bank in Tanne…

Things to Know about Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka might be the next big name in the sports of Tennis, representing Japan. The amazingly talented girl is just 19 and we have seen her performing superb in past couple of years and especia…

Fiona the Hippo Baby from Cincinnati Zoo, to Star in her Own Show on Facebook

The premature baby hippo in Cincinnati Zoo is all set to star in a Facebook series. Fiona’s shows will go live on Cincinnati Zoo’s Facebook page every week.

Taylor Swift New Song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is All Set to Break Previous Records

Singer Taylor Swift is back with the bang. The premiere of her latest song ‘Look what you made me do’ at MTV Video Music Awards was a big surprise. That SOME would not like.