This was actually the desktop for my computer for quite a while. It was so funny. Cuties <3

Luhan and Lay judging extra hard. They are not even trying tho XD

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keke when it comes to KPOP and KDRAMAS the Lord is always testing us!


Ignore everything I've ever said About kookie, damn son// When he was younger I was like awww how cute, and now I'm having trouble breathing

Lol. xDDD Oh Chen....yes, I am just holding a gun for fun, and I am totally not going to kill any person who is not an EXOtic...why would I do that?! XD

Words of wisdom

Nooooo, if I'm holding a gun, I would be sooooooo happy. Cuz if I had a gun, I'd be able to kill the b*tch that made me angry in the first place…. so yeah. I wouldn't be mad if I had a gun……….

SEVENTEEN's LEADER S-Coups He actually kills me | Seungcheol Seventeen

Coups, in mansae his face and eyes looked beautiful but i gotta say i was kinda dissapointed when i saw his height.

The way he switches so seamlessly is a skill. He doing it on purpose!