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Hi BodyRockers, Now … todays HIITMAX workout is below ….I went a little easier on you with shorter time… but its just as intense (believe me) as u need to move quicker. Get the most out of you workouts with our nutrition guides.

Day 19: Burn 50/10 x2 + Sculpt 50/10 x1

Hi BodyRockers, I have a non-fitness related life situation that I wanted to run by you guys….

Day 12: Burn 50/10 (Couplets!) x3 + Sculpt 50/10 x1 + Flow

Super intense interval workouts that you can do at home! They also have dieting tips and even incorporate some yoga! Are they scantily clad? But they are sexy, fit, empowering let 'em show off their 6 packs! Look out summer, here I come!