Zu Hause bei Barefoot Living-CEO Marcel Graf

Design Kamin

Fascinating Fireplaces Modern Design Room Divider Eco House Interior, love this one the right place for the fire place and the best view ever!

mooie schalen met orchidee op stoere zuilen #iloveit! #Pintratuin

Ok this is really cool but whoever has this in their house obviously never has kids over or house pets!

Perfect Wall House by Rauser Design

The client’s directive for durability and simplicity dovetailed nicely into our fixation with Dr. Joe Lstiburek’s concept of The Perfect Wall (also called Th.

wohnzimmer stehlampe ausgefallenes design teppich beistelltisch

Wohnzimmer Lampe - Das Wohnzimmer beleuchten

The trick is simple: the best lighting designs, a big room and a bit of your time to read!