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the room is clean and ready to be used as an art studio or office space
an oil painting of a person standing in the grass
Impressionismus cath 2015
a pencil drawing of a woman's face and hair
sketch carola E. Thiele
a painting of two people sitting on top of a giant tree
"Kinder im Waldet" Carola E. Thiele (cath) 2012, oil on canvas
a painting of a man with his arms spread out in the air, reaching for something
Carola E. Thiele (cath) 2014 , oil on canvas...
...our future.  Carola E. Thiele ( cath 2014) oil on canvas, detail
...our future. Carola E. Thiele ( cath 2014) oil on canvas, detail
a painting of three people standing in front of a tree
Odin und die Nornen Ueber des Chaos noch ruhenden Wogen Saßen um Odin die webenden Drei, Und die Geschicke die künftigen zogen An den gewaltigen Thronen vorbei. Alles Verhüllte, noch Ungeword’ne Schaute der Gott in leuchtendem Traum; Ob er gestaltend zu Formen es ordne, Wog er die Zeit und maß den Raum. Aber die Nornen sie spannen und woben Seine Gedanken zu Wirklichkeit…. Hermann von Lingg
a painting of a naked woman holding flowers in her hand and looking at the sky
carola e. thiele (cath) /2014 oil on canvas
a painting of two windmills on top of a cliff
Houses, history, tree, sea
a painting of a chair and a tree branch suspended from the sky by a rope
symbolism,surrealism, cath
a painting of a man standing on top of a wooden structure with his hands in his hair
Seaman, sky, sea, ruins, symbolism,surrealism
the building is lit up with pink lights and windows on it's sides,
#pink #house #windows