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LOVE this idea! family handprint art - makes a great grandparent gift or a keepsake to hang in a kid's room or nursery

Einfach eine Dose ein wenig eindrücken und mit Sprühlack lackieren. Fertig ist eine kleine Vase :) Günstigen Sprühlack findet ihr hier: 1 Dose Buntsprühlack seidenmatt weiss 400 ml

DIY slightly crushed soda pop cans, spray painted, then used for chic, minimalist vases


"a bag of holiday": seashells, sand, cocktail umbrellas - fun to add to gifts in summer

14 kreative Ideen für selbstgemachte Lampenschirme

Find out how to properly use the leftover plastic spoons from the last party. I would spray paint it yellow to create a pineapple lamp but that's just me

Wenn Hunderte von alten Dias einfach nur auf deinem Dachboden rumliegen, dann kommt hier ein schönes Projekt, was du damit tun könntest.

We've always loved her style, so the opportunity to peek a look inside Orla Kiely's house in her new book Home is an exciting prospect. In fact

Ach, dafür auch? Genial!

Do you have a tendency of throwing away cans after they've been used? To most people cans appear to be trash but with a little thinking outside the box they can actually be transformed into useful storage containers that can help keep you organized.