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Céramistes japonais O-R

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OGATA Kamio (1949)

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Kao Ogata
Kao Ogata
Kao Ogata

OGATA Kao, japonais

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尾形乾山作: 菊型小鉢 向付 五客 Ogata Kenzan(Japanese): Edo Mid-period 18c
Ogata KENZAN  (Japan 1663–1743)  Title  Small tea bowl with design of landscape and poem

OGATA KENZAN, japonais (1663-1743)

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Ogawa Machiko (b. 1946), Crystals and Memories

OGAWA Machiko - 小川待子 , japonaise (1946)

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OHI Chozaemon VIII (Choraku)
OHI Chozaemon VIII (Choraku)

OHI Chozaemon VIII (Choraku)

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Chawan by Ohi Chozaemon IX - Kon�ami Koetsu - Kaga-koetsu
Ohi Chozaemon IX (1901-1986)

OHI Chozaemon IX, japonais (1901-1986)

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ŌHI Toshiro (Chozaemon X)
ŌHI Toshiro (Chozaemon X)
ŌHI Toshiro (Chozaemon X)

ŌHI Chozaemon X (Toshiro), japonais (1927)

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Ohi Toshio

ŌHI XI Chozaemon (Toshio) , japonais (1958)

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Ōhira Kazumasa - Ceramics - Joan B Mirviss LTD | Japanese Fine Art | Japanese Ceramics

ŌHIRA Kazumasa, japonais actif à Iga (1943)

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Yoshinori Ohno (大野 佳典) - Artists - YUFUKU Gallery (酉福ギャラリー) - Contemporary Japanese Art
Yoshinori Ohno
Yoshinori Ohno

OHNO Yoshinori - 大野 佳典 , japonais (1978)

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San Oizumi
San Oizumi
San Oizumi

OIZUMI San, japonais (1947)

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Okabe Mineo
作品No.9 岡部嶺男 鼠志野小服茶碗 Okabe Mineo Tea bowl, Nezumi-shino

OKABE Mineo, japonais (1919-1990)

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Japan Pottery Net / Okada Kiln
Japan Pottery Net / OKADA, Yuh

OKADA Yuh - 裕記以外の窯元 , japonais (1946 ou 1951)

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OKAZAKI Takao - 食器花生 , japonais

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OKUMURA Hiromi, japonais (1953)

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OMORI Junpei
OMORI Junpei
OMORI Junpei

OMORI Junpei, japonais

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Kenji Omori | Bowl - Analogue Life

OMORI, Kenji, japonais actif à Tajimi (1982)

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Takeshi Omura Teapot
Analogue Life Online Shop | Japanese Designed & Artisan Made Housewares

OMURA Takeshi 大村 剛 , japonais actif à Fukuoka

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Bol à thé Chawan par Ono Hakuko
Ono Hakuko, 1915-1996 Shape of the Stars (Platinum Yūri-kinsai Vessel),  1982 Porcelain, platinum leaf, glaze Gift of Tom M. Aoyama, owner of Yufuku Gallery, Tokyo. Photograph by Robert Lorenzson, New York Touch Fire - Japanese Ceramics by Women Artists | Smith College Museum of Art
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ŌNO Hakuko, japonaise (1915-1996)

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ŌNO Jiro, actif à Saga (1953-2010) fils de Hakuko

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Ono Kotaro, Silent Swell, 2015, Glazed porcelain, Japanese contemporary ceramics
Ōno Kōtarō

ŌNO Kōtarō, japonais (1953)

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Mari OriKasa: ARTEFACTOS DE LUZ Exposición en Alfajár
Mari Orikasa
Mari OriKasa: Pajaros y Nubes

ORIKASA Mari - 時刻 , japonaise, Malaga, Espagne

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Inayoshi Osamu
Inayoshi Osamu

OSAMU, Inayoshi, japonais actif à Toyohashi (1976)

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OTANI Shiro, japonais actif à Shigaraki

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