Balloon Ping Pong - awesome for indoor recess or a brain break!

Could also use as an Easter egg game. Else Play paper plate balloon ping pong. Can't wait to try this on a rainy day.

Ikea hack für kinder - Geschicklichkeitsspiel

IKEA ORDNING Hack: Sommer-Mikado selber basteln!

Ikea hack für kinder - Geschicklichkeitsspiel

Wasserballon Trampolinspringen erfrischende und spaßige Aktivität für einen Kindergeburtstag im Freien. Noch mehr tolle Ideen gibt es auf

Summer water activities for the backyard: Water Balloon Trampoline Jumping by A Subtle Revelry (Pour Water Activities)

Kleine Geschenke für die Kindergärtnerinnen. Ein kleiner Ruhe-Tempel...- Teil 3

nice little gift for someone with an exhausting job

Indoor game ideas if it rains

Hula Hoop game -- This game is easy, classic, and fun! Even up teams. One hula hoop per team. Each team stands in a line, holding hands. The goal is to be the first team to get the hula hoop from one end to the other end without braking the link.

Murmel Labyrinth für unterwegs - Busy bag, knikkerdoolhof!

Start by drinking 5 shots of Jagger and take some plain fabric, sew in plastic windows, put a maze print over it (making sure the maze paths are wide enough to push a marble through easily), str


I loved playing this when I lived in Toronto.the we called it 'youkie' had to do with the Kaiser

ein sehr schickes Memory von Amy Moss, gedunden bei kleinformat. Könnte man gut mit Kindern basteln, vielleicht etwas unschicker aber kinderschön

Freitags Selbermachen: Schleckeis

Weekend Fun: A DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game. Looking for a sweet idea to keep kids entertained this weekend? We stumbled upon this beautiful DIY memory game idea over at the fabulous…

Run and Tic Tac Toe

Run and Tic Tac Toe but with sponges!

Riesenbrettspiel mit Quizfragen und Minispielen

Giant boardgame uses trivia and quick mini games