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an apple tart with red and green apples arranged in the shape of pyramids
two pieces of bread with avocado and other toppings on it sitting on a black tray
Camomila: el restaurante que sirve desayunos todo el día | Gourmet de México
two pieces of bread topped with green veggies and pea sauce on a white plate
15 Amazing Asparagus Recipes
Fresh Pea and Ricotta Tartines with Spring Vegetables | forkknifeswoon.com
three pieces of bread with peas and cream on them
Tartines aux asperges vertes, petits pois, ricotta
a white bowl filled with food on top of a table
two plates filled with vegetables and eggs on top of a white tablecloth next to utensils
a pie with sliced up beets and nuts on it next to a large knife
Rhabarber-Mandel-Galette mit Zimtcreme
Diese knusprige Rhabarber-Galette aus Mürbeteig wird mit Mandelcreme gefüllt und mit Zimtcreme serviert. Besonders lecker schmeckt’s lauwarm.
a cake that has been cut into pieces
Rhubarb Coffee Cake - Katiebird Bakes
1h 30m
a pie that has been cut into slices
Rhabarber-Mandel-Galette mit Zimtcreme
strawberry shortbreads with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top, ready to be eaten
Erdbeer-Cheesecake Tartes aus Blätterteig
freshly baked strawberry muffins on a baking sheet
Rezept für Rhabarber Streuseltaler mit Vanillequark
small tarts with rhubarb on top and two forks next to them
Rhabarber Tartelettes mit Rosmarin-Vanille-Creme - Ina Isst
Rhabarber Tartelettes mit Rosmarin-Vanille-Creme
some food is on a plate next to cups and sauces
Rhubarb shortcakes
Pink rhubarb shortcakes. American shortcakes are more like scones than biscuits. Usually filled with strawberries and cream these pink rhubarb ones are a great British twist.