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ett la benn: Using Cellulose (plant material waste) and turning it into amazing bowls, light shades etc.

Beautiful lights made by Oliver Bischoff and Danilo Durler who are Ett la Benn (Berlin) - Technique of air drying cellulose (Diy Art Large)

Ist eigentlich aus Zement - müsste aber auch mit Gips (gefärbt) gehen Gips in Reißverschlusstüten füllen. Teelicht darauf drücken, evtl. beschweren?, und fest werden lassen

Great use for left over concrete . fill little bags with concrete, seal them up, place a candle on them and leave them to dry.

Concrete Legos --- when you get bored with your house, you can just build something else, right?

Concrete Legos: building a house just became the most excellent fun, better with alternative natural materials!