Taralli al Peperoncino

World Bread Day '08: Taralli al Peperoncino



Ciabatta, Korn, Chili, Starters, Breads, Pasta, Summer Salad, Baking, Rezepte

Gunnison River Bread

Gunnison River Bread

Bread Baking, Basket, Rivers, Ciabatta, Bread Recipes, Chili, Nom Nom, Brunch, Breads

Crispy Cornsticks - knusprige Maiskolben

bbd #12: Crispy Cornsticks

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen is the host of the edition of bread baking day: she has chosen small breads as theme. Some days ago I stumbled upon my heavy cornstick pan which I haven't used for years.

Oster Pinza

bbd #8: Easter Pinza

Pinza - Easter bread served in Austria, Germany and Slovenia. Often cut into three to represent the Holy Trinity

Krustiges Stangenbrot nach Amy Scherber

Knuspriges Stangenbrot nach Amy Scherber

Krustiges Stangenbrot nach Amy Scherber

Italienisches Brot aus Hartweizenmehl

Italienisches Brot aus Hartweizenmehl

Ciabatta, Yeast Bread, Polenta, Chili, Italian Bread, Breads, Baking, Sourdough Bread, Chili Con Carne

Kartoffelbrot Grumbera

Kartoffelbrot - Grumbera

Pain Brié

Pain Brié - geprügeltes Brot

Dunkles Bauernbrot im Elektro-Steinbackofen

Dunkles Bauernbrot

Dunkles Bauernbrot im Elektro-Steinbackofen

Zürcherbrot nach zorra

Nachgebacken: Zürcherbrot

sprouted wheaten bread

bbd #11: Sprouted Wheaten Bread

One year bread baking day! My congratulations go to zorra, the founder of bbd, who hosts this month's edition Breads with Sprouts. I already baked with sprouted wheat: Sweet Heart of Sprouted Wheat Bread adapted from Rose Levy Beranbaum uses.

Schwedisches Sursött Bröd aufgeschnitten

Schwedisches Sursött Bröd

Kamutbrot mit Dinkel

Kamutbrot mit Dinkel und Haferflocken