» MY DIY | Himmeli Triangle Succulent Holder

Today's DIY came about because I was attempting to declutter and found a giant stash of brass tubing from my last himmeli project, and I just happen to have 80 succulents who need homes, so combined they created the perfect display!

Easy Weaving Tutorial

Weaving Class: The Basics

Confetti Balloons! #DIY

For over 100 years, balloons have been a party staple. They come in every color and shape, making them perfectly customizable for even the most uniquely themed gathering. Unfortunately, their easy and ubiquitous application has made them seem a little old

Awesome blog with shibori dyeing techniques

Komasu Shibori / Photos of prep work; piece is ready for dyeing. It was divided into 4 sections and stitched on the folds. The tube looked like a caterpillar with sharp spikes. / / by Nat at Silkshibori.

Diy fringed mirror wall  | Pinterest: Natalia Escaño

DIY Fringed Mirror Wall Hanging

DIY Fringed Mirror Wall Hang, need some beads Mirrors make the space feel bigger