X-Mas Karten

36 Pins
the letter k is made up of letters with different shapes and sizes, including an arrow
k6_dribbble.jpg by Nick Matej
the poster for season's greetings is shown in red, pink and green
several colorful posters are displayed on the wall
an illustration of a town with trees and houses in the background, surrounded by numbers
Safe Holidays by Alessia Margarita
an illustration of people with presents and gifts in their hands, sitting on the ground
Lisa Tegtmeier
an image of christmas presents with the words peace and joy
Illustration | Holiday Card No.1
a christmas card with santa claus, deer and other holiday items on it's red background
Merry & Bright
an illustration of a cup with candy canes and christmas decorations
Holiday Cheer
christmas greeting cards with deer, stockings and candy canes in flat style on different colors
various christmas items are arranged on a pink background
Preparing for the Holidays