Updated curb appeal #design of a #London townhouse in Notting Hill

Modern Notting Hill Townhouse Design

A sliver of glazing stretches all the way up from the ground to the roof of this extension to a west London house.

Fraher Architects' house extension features a slice of glass

Brick extension in Dublin, Ireland by NOJI Architects

Brick Addition / NOJI Architects

More brick and black window frame images. Strong, evocative contrasts that will allow for great expression and lighting. (NOJI Architects uses reclaimed bricks for angular extension to historic Dublin house.

Forbes Massie | Powerhouse  Munich

The Royal Borough’s planners have given their approval to Banda Property’s very contemporary Haptic Architects-designed project on Rawlings Street and Rosemoor Street in the heart of th…

Bei einem Wohnhaus in der Nähe von München wurde zur besseren Steuerung des Vergrauungsprozesses von Holz künstlich nachgeholfen.

Künstlich grau verfärbte Lärche

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