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Baatara Gorge waterfall, Lebanon - iscovered in 1952 by French bio-speleologist Henri Coiffait, the waterfall and accompanying sinkhole were fully mapped in the by the Spéléo club du Liban. The cave is also known as the "Cave of the Three Bridges

Monte Roraima - Venezuela

“ ihnale: “ opticallyaroused: “ Paradise Falls, Venezuela ” It’s actually named Salto Angel but whatever heyy ” actually it’s none of those things. it’s the mount Roraima from canaima.

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Big Butte, Valley of Fire - Clark County, Nevada. Valley of Fire State Park was the first state park in Nevada & covers an area of nearly acres.

The White House Anasazi ruins in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, on the Navajo reservation. No pat,answer has been found, as to what exactly happened to the Anasazi.