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tumblr zeichnungen einfach | Okay, danke Katniss, danke Peeta. Es war mir eine Ehre, euch heute ...

Thanks to you, Barkett Barkett Barkett Pickron, that quote keeps running through my head each time I try and write a Cute Xander and Bly scene. And I start laughing instead of feeling all bubbly. I& ruined.

Uwe Du bist mein Licht das ewig scheint, ein Mensch der mit mir lacht und weint. In hellen wie in dunklen Zeiten möcht‘ ich Dich stets und treu begleiten. Ich kann die Liebe erst verstehen seit wir…

Slowly by Slowly, Take My Breathe Away & Blow🔥LOVE❤️ Into My Mouth; Filled it Until I Drown Plenty of Passion♠️: pencil drawing / sketch - lips

I'm absolutely sick of the whole "too skinny." I don't believe most models that are called this are too skinny at all, most of humanity are just used to seeing constantly overweight people. We need to get out of this obesity epidemic.

Before shower workout. But thirty squats instead mountain climbs Maybe not a prewedding workout but I can totally see this as a summer beach body workout!

Before Bed Workout

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