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a group of women sitting around a table with flowers on it in front of a window
JGA Haarkranz Binden München
Foto: Marina Huber
a woman wearing sunglasses and a flower crown
JGA Haarkranz Workshop München
Foto: Chris und Ruth
a table with chairs and vases on it in a room filled with hanging lights
JGA Haarkranz Workshop
Foto: Tatiana Fettich
a white table and chairs under a tree
Flower Workshop
Foto: Tatiana Fettich
Mitchelle is wearing beautifully arrangend handmade flower crown. Design, Flower Crowns, Crowns, Fresh, Diy Flower Crown, Flower Crown, Flower Arrangements
DIY Flower Crown Workshop in Munich with Classy Flowers
In this flower workshop we will teach you how to make your very own beautiful fresh flower crown: you will learn how to arrange flowers in your chosen design wiring them to make a flower crown. We will use fresh seasonal flowers and foliage to make the flower crowns and each member of the Hen Party will leave with a beautiful flower crown to wear proudly!