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there is a vase with dried plants in it
Markku Kosonen: beautiful work!
several pieces of wood sitting next to each other
Willow sculpture at the Korb market in Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany.
a small basket is sitting on the floor with some string hanging from it's sides
Accueil | Musée d'ethnographie de Genève
a multicolored hat is sitting on top of a black table with a brown wall in the background
Montana Blue Heron
Montana Blue Heron Marilyn Evans and Wm. Stevens
two people walking down the road carrying large baskets
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Women carry baskets to market in Rwanda. The number you can carry depends on a good ability to balance!
a plant that is sitting on top of a wooden bench
the poetry of material things
“ artpropelled: Artetnature Kokinopoulos ”
a ball made out of branches on a white surface with no one in the photo
Basket Weaving Classes by Matt Tommey | River Arts District Asheville, NC - Art Baskets
a vase made out of sticks on a white surface
Christine Love Adcock | Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show
Christine Love Adcock, Artist,Tall Lecheguilla, coiled basket of dyed and natural lecheguilla fiber, 16"HX11"W
there are birds sitting on branches in a small vase that is made out of twigs
Harriet Goodall |
a woven basket with an orange, blue and black design on the bottom is shown
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Zulu basketry.These baskets are amazing.
a sculpture made out of twigs sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall
Broken Nest by Laura Ellen Bacon
a circular sculpture made out of branches in the woods
A Year in a French Forest
spencer byles
a person riding a bike with lots of baskets on it's back
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???? .....I believe they might be fishing baskets.,
a brown vase sitting on top of a white table
Old Turkhana String Jar, Ethiopia An old Turkhana jar made of twisted cord in a vertical pattern covered with hardened clay and a fitted lid...
an old building with vines growing on the side and a small potted plant next to it
Wall Works
Contemporary Basketry: Wall Works by Wona Bae