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Exactly how to do shadow work (an easy 6-step process)

Even considering years of therapy, a much-regretted stint of medication in college, hours upon hours of mindset work in my journal (affirming positive thoughts and beliefs), nothing has healed me more than shadow work.​ Shadow work refers to the process of understanding (and loving) the rejected pieces of ourselves, ou

Kirsten Weiss | Mystery & Suspense

Kirsten Weiss is the author of cozy and paranormal mystery novels and steampunk suspense featuring smart, funny female detectives like Riga Hayworth, Pie Town's Val Harris, and the witches of Doyle.

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Magic and Mankind Part one: The Power of Words

Part one - The Power of Words Nicola McDonagh _________________________________________________________________________________ Image from Pinterest _______________________________________________________________ Ever since mankind created language, words have been used to manipulate, enlighten and confuse. So it is little wonder that words should also prove to be powerful weapons in the form of spells, hexes, and incantations. Even prayers and hymns having special supernatural powers as…


A great start to any Book of Shadows is the Witches Alphabet, a good way to hide secrets and spells you need hidden from wandering eyes. WITCHY DESIGNS STORE:...

Witch’s Runes Correspondence

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What Magic Gift was given to you according to your Birthday? - Magical Recipes Online

Witches do not believe in luck. I mean, we’ve got tons of spells for ‘good luck’ but this is exactly why we don’t believe in random events. Witches conjure and materialise their wishes. We actually believe that energy attracts alike. There is no such thing as a coincidence. All happen in purpose. In terms of alchemy, […]

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Magick spells truth spell


The Book of Forbidden Knowledge - Magic Grimoire - spells - talismans - omens - Black Book - spell b

Galdrahús’ scanned and 'cleaned' version of The Book of Forbidden Knowledge, that contains a list of superstitions, auspicious days, spells, talismans, omens, and folk remedies and more. It's originally part of a series of other "learning books" in some completely different categories, and therefore it may lack some depth. Nor is it a very long grimoire (32 pages), but the lenght might even be an advantage. The Grimoire is a brief and easy-to-understand guide in some of the many topics…

BoS2 - free Book of Shadows pages to save or print - Section Two...

Source [http://www.goth-witch.webspace.virginmedia.com/BoS2.htm]

Ouija Board Rules Mini Tin Sign

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