a blue and yellow book cover with the title in german
Die Geschichte vom eingebildeten Eiszapfen * Elkes Kindergeschichten
an open book with the title page in german and english, on a white background
Weihnachtskugel – 16. Dezember
some candles are sitting on a table with stickers around them that say merry christmas
Botschaft im Kerzenschein
a note written in german with a gold star
Weihnachtskarten - Etsy.de
a white paper with the words let go on it
Wohndeko - Etsy.de
a bowl filled with lights and logs on top of a stone floor next to plants
DIY Indoor Lagerfeuer :) - nettetipps.de
some apples are sitting in buckets on a table next to a candle and christmas decorations
The Swenglish Home
a small red cabin with wreaths on the windows and an old fashioned window sill
40 Unique Rustic Christmas Decor Ideas to Make Your Season Special
a red building with a wreath and candles on the window sill
Флористика Натальи Горобец
a red building with snow on the ground and trees in pots next to it,
Thru My Cottage Door
a white table with a lantern on top of it next to a small christmas tree
Noch 4 Monate bis.... Weihnachten! Der Herbst und Winter Deko Thread
christmas wreaths hanging on the window sill in front of a radiator
Christmas wreaths and garlands | Christmas decorations | B&Q