Cher Schmidt
Weitere Ideen von Cher
Innovative technologies and services in the fields of IT, data communication, energy automation, and rail electrification pave the way for efficient grids, intelligent power distribution, and intelligent consumption, as well as electromobility and smart buildings.
The “ nursing” module supports seamless coordination in hospitals and lends structure to the entire caregiving process, tracking key milestones with a detailed view of target outcomes and monitoring the results. All caregiving services are seamlessly documented.
The most innovative software on the planet is helping us to explore places beyond it.
Using Siemens’ BRAUMAT process control system, based on a SIMATIC PCS 7, Schlafly Bottleworks was able to increase output while maintaining quality.
The world is full of information – see how our customers can do more using software and IT from Siemens.
Besonders in Städten ist Elektromobilität durch die leisen und emissionsfreien Elektrofahrzeuge ideal.
Siemens bietet IEC-Motoren durchgängig in den Wirkungsgradklassen IE2 und IE3 für den Gültigkeitsbereich der EU-Verordnung 640/2009 von 750 Watt bis 375 kW an.
Renewable energy: In New Zealand, the country’s strong winds are used to produce CO2 free electricity.
By integrating electric vehicles into the smart grid, they become a part of the energy system instead of simply consuming energy.