Eine tolle Erinnerung an die Schwangerschaft. ♥ Der Bilderrahmen ist ein wunderschönes Geschenk für (werdende) Mamis. ♥  **Materialien:** Sperrholz (6 mm dick) Acrylfarbe (unbedenklich und...

Ultraschall Bilderrahmen - Holz

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Laser Cut Wooden Sunglasses

It is magic elements of your garden and home decor. These files contain 3 designs of 3D Buzzle birds and scorpion illustrated in decorative view and delivered in dxf files cut ready cnc designs. All our dxf designs are ready for most CNC cutting machine and designed to be cut for plasma and laser cutters and can be scaled for any other CNC machine such as water jet cutters to any size to fit your design needs.

The these designs are ready for CNC cutting machine and designed to be cut at approximately wide and the width of the slot is you can scale the file depending on the thickness of your sheet metal (Welding may be needed ).