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Bauhaus Lamp, Richard Döcke, 1923

Bauhaus lamp designed by Richard Döcker. this is in the same year has the desk lamp designed in 1923 you can see the similarity's from the shape of the bulb and the stainless steal stand.

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Modern Shelf Unit for Your Living Room.I think I've found shelf for my TV.

Marcel Breuer | Secretaire S285 | 1935 | Thonet

Designed by Marcel Breuer, this classic writing desk is in Oiled walnut, with 3 drawers and iconic tubular steel bent frame.

cgmfindings: "Art Deco fotel 1934 Karl Emanuel Martin" Kem "Weber krómozott acél és Naugahyde kárpit"

Art Deco Armchair 1934 Karl Emanuel Martin “Kem” Weber Chrome-plated steel and Naugahyde upholstery ” The arm rest has the same cross-section as an airplane wing.

Danish Design - Danish Design  Repinly Design Popular Pins  Yes please

Arne Jacobsen: Arne Jacobsen Egg™ Chair by Fritz Hansen - Danish Design Sto

Marcel Breuer's Laccio tables; the higher was originally designed as seating.

Marcel Breuer Small Laccio Table

Marcel Breuer designed the Laccio Table while he was experimenting at the Bauhaus laboratories with various objects, including different stools. The smallest of the Laccio tables was actually used as

Marcel Breuer, tubular steel desk, 1935. Re-edition by Thonet 2012

Marcel Breuer, tubular steel desk- highly influenced by the “Bauhaus philosophy” meaning objects should be designed according to the function they have to perform.