Lettering on glass bottles

This is an etching tutorial, which I already knew how to do, but I LOVE the idea of using an oil bottle for dish soap! Now I can get the not-so-attractive dish soap bottle off the counter!

A homemade button snake: great toddler toy, and an excellent way for children to strengthen fine motor skills while they learn to "button". Easy tutorial.

fine motor skills are strengthened with a simple homemade button snake

button snake - fine motor activity for teaching buttoning skills (happy hooligans) what a great craft idea for camping trip . doesn't take up a lot of space and the toddlers love the twirly effect that the snake makes when done.


The Best Sentimental Gift: "Open When." Letters Awesome idea for a best friend but would take awhile to put together

A great fine motor activity

Fine Motor Activity to Keep Kids Busy When You Need It

This activity is a great way to keep kids busy - just rubber bands and a soup can from the pantry! Site also has other fine motor skills activities.

Creative craft project for kids.

Wacky Sacks - Make Your Own Stress Ball

Kissen Matratze unterm Hochbett. Kuschelecke mit Lichterkette

Southern Disposition: Pillow Mattress Tutorial using one duvet cover and 5 cheap pillows from Ikea. I am not sure what the pillow is for. Maybe one end has 2 pillows for a raised head. Looks pretty simple.

LEGO Luftballon-Rennen

LEGO Balloon Car DIY Lego Building Kit STEM Activity

Lego Balloon Car Building Activity Lego Race Cars Kit - blow up the balloon and the car takes off

tidy paperstacks with paper clips & masking tape Büroklammern + Maskingtape = Ordnung www.ohhhmhhh.de

Büroklammern + Maskingtape = Ordnung (Ohhh... Mhhh...)

Use sticky bookmarks often? How about making some paperclip washi tape bookmarks instead!

Fine Motor Skills

This busy bag focuses on learning colors. Kids sort the colored beads in the color-coded, flower shaped plastic sorting tray. The tray measures about wide and has 7 compartments.

My students love this! Hair gel + food coloring + ziplock bag = writing bag.   # Pinterest++ for iPad #

hair gel, food coloring, glitter - my kids LOVE these! Make sure you put tape or something over the zipper side of the bag! We had problems with leaking after they were played with for a while. :) Hair gel and food coloring