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Me too Mr. Rickman, me too and thanks for bringing this book to life for us all. Great Harry Potter quote from Alan Rickman.

Alan Rickman aka Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies! Professor Snape is my favorite character in the series and Alan Rickman was the perfect actor to play him! I absolutely positively love this quote from him!

30 Relationship Quotes for Him #Relationship #Quotes

If I tell you I need you, do not take it lightly. I do everything I can to never have to depend on anyone, to never show weakness, and if I say that I need you, it means I am trusting you to catch me when I fall.

I think we all run into people in our lives who are important to us and we lose touch with

You will always be important to me. Not holding a candle for you and never getting over you way, but in a I will be thankful for having got any time with you in my life way. You were never a bad person.

Glück im Glück.

You make me happy in a way no else can. That ONE reason. hahaha Funny and happy quotes about relationship, marriage and love couple. Tap to see more romantic love valentine couple quotes.