this is just ordinary rebar but looks really interesting like this > Interesting use of rebar grid - could use anything to decorate it

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Living Fences – How To Make A Living Fence. It's all well and good until the deer you're trying to keep out eat the fence itself.

Blattgerueste aus Weidenruten

Leaf Sculpture from willow rods. Created by the oh-so-talented Karin Urban of…

weidenzaun filzastweide /  bandstockweide - salix dasyclados -  lebender flechtzaun

neuer lebender flechtzaun im weidengarten aus filzastweide ( salix dasyclados)

Weidenstecken lebend

Weidenstecken lebend

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Living Willow Garden Decor Structure Patio & Outdoor Furniture

Living Willow Garden Decor Structure

beautiful Living Willow Garden Decor Structure We love this living willow outdoor structure that gives you another living room in your garden ! More Living Willow Structures by B.

Living willow structure.

Living Willow Structures of the Hamptons by Bonnie Gale - EXPERIENCE Living Willow Structures from Bonnie Gale.