Sternkugellauch, Fetthenne, Salbei und Gräser

Soft prarie planting: Sedum, Salvias, Origanum, Erigeron and Stipa gigantea and provides year round structure, texture and colour. Photos courtesy of Sarah Price and Rachel Warne.

Schneeballhortensien und blaue Stauden

I feel I need to invest in Annabelle Hydrangeas, purely because of their name. Garden border of Hydrangea Annabelle with Agapanthus, Salvia 'Mainacht' and Echinops ritro (globe thistle) What a beautiful combination!

Roses & Lavendel

love the mixture of white roses and lavender in the same rectilinear bed, lovely combination, modern and traditional

DIY Gartentisch aus alten Brettern / Tisch aus Gerüstdielen /

DIY Gartentisch aus alten Brettern / Tisch aus Gerüstdielen /

I like the stones under the lavender for along the 3 levels on our terraced garden. Inspiration - Gångar

Picture 8 : Path to west side of house potential Gång kantad med sjösingel och…

Stauden: Tipps für den Saisonstart

Staudenbeete im Frühjahr auf die Saison vorbereiten

These unfussy, long-lived perennial plants pump out beautiful foliage and flowers year after year.


Story of this pin: Remember that Sedum 'Autumn Joy' lights up any landscape and is indestructible. Sedum, Nepeta, Allium schoenoprasum, Dipsacus, Nigella - Locus Flevum May Garden Story