Bookmarks out of old book spines

Now the Clean Up Begins...

Bookmarks made from old book spines. Except, I'd never destroy a book for its spine. I suppose I could just create bookmarks themed as old book spines.

Chalkboard paint makes a fun backdrop for portraits! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Grand babies are coming tomorrow! I promised them we would make some chalk art. What fun ideas! Chalkboard paint makes a fun backdrop for portraits!

I can't imagine my life with out my sister!

Could not imagine life without my also so very thankful for the ones I call sisters in Christ.

30 Inspiring Photos Showing Human And Animal Bonding

"I'm gonna hug you, and squeeze you, and love you, and hug you.little bunny. " Sweet two-year-old loves her bunny

Kinder in Oberstdorfer Tracht SWITZERLAND

Kinder in Oberstdorfer Tracht - Germany - Everyone in southern Bavaria really does dress in dirndl dresses or lederhosen.